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About Us

Give clothing a social life 

Discovering the hard truth about the fashion industry isn't enough when we live in a society where buying clothing follows a linear pattern and not circular - so here's an idea for you to 'do your part' made SO easy!


If you have ski wear, summer clothing or any season in between clothing, which you never wear but don't want to get rid of, give it a social life and rent it out! Equally, if you want to rent other peoples clothing, you can browse the list of brands and kit yourself out head-to-toe in rental!


Club K2 is also a platform providing access to an endless list of carefully selected, hand picked brands which aim to offer more sustainable options for dressing throughout the year.

Our Story

Up-cycling clothing and re-designing my wardrobe could only satisfy me for so long until I was wearing the same two piece made from my dad's blazer to go out every weekend...until I latched onto the 'borrowing' of items from my mum and sister...which is when I discovered, I could potentially make a profit from this. 

If I had the cheek to rent out my formal dresses to my friends & family or my brothers suits to the boys in my school year...then I would have created Club K2 a lot earlier! 

So here we are... a few years later and the clothing rental market is taking centre stage in the fashion industry. Clothing rental makes new trends cheaper, more accessible and it also benefits the environment. (If you're a lender it will also help...your wallet ;))

...which as a student living in my frost bitten flat in London I desperately needed when I founded Club-K2.


The business started as a university project. I was shocked by the environmental impact of fast fashion and the way consumers were being led down the path of wearing items once and then disposing of them only to purchase more and more without a thought to the impact these shopping habits had on people and global ecosystems.


The time for reusing and recycling is now! This is the era for changing our habits from use and dispose to use and reuse. This is being achieved slowly by a growing number of ethical brands of which Club-K2 is one.


By using last year’s excess stock from our friends and collaborators I aim to fulfil this mission to reduce waste in the fashion industry and to make fashion more sustainable.


I have chosen a fabulous selection of outdoor wear and resort wear because these items are worn for relatively short periods of time (ski holidays, summer holidays) and they take up storage space at home. Sizes and tastes change, particularly for children, so why buy and store when you can rent what you want, when you want and be sustainable at the same time.

Meet The Team

Florence Gibson


Florence studied fashion management at UAL and currently runs Club-K2 from London.

A committed vegan, keen skier and runner she founded the company in 2023 following a successful enterprise year developing her entrepreneurial skills and pitching to investors and business leaders to develop the sustainable model which is growing on a daily basis.

Stuart Gibson


Stuart has many years of business experience in sales, marketing and operations for medium size businesses. He has been with Club-K2 from the start and having worked on startup businesses as well as established firms he has a good understanding of customer and partnership relations.


Our Partnerships

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